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Update to samfind - Icons Not Saving

Lots of users have informed us that samfind is not saving new icons - and may be losing icons.

We have had to do a bit of an overhaul to fix this issue and need to get everyone to this new version of samfind ASAP.

If you have not had this problem - sooner or later - depending on your version of Firefox - you will start losing icons.

This release will prevent you from losing icons and fix several other issues.

Please update samfind now.

After you click on that link you will get two notices:

Click Allow on this one:

Click Install on this one:

Please update samfind now.



samfind Bookmarks Bar 2.0 is out!

The latest version of samfind Bookmarks Bar is out and has been given Recommended status!

samfind Bookmarks Bar 2.0 is Working its Way Out!

We have been working very hard on sBB 2.0. It will be a huge advancement on the 1.x versions. Exciting things to come are replacing RSS feeds with SuperWidgets. They are Widgets and they are Super! Digg, Reddit, Yahoo News, YouTube and more will have SuperWidgets that will knock your socks off. Tweet right from the Bar like never before. And if we have time - Facebook will also be Super!

samfind Bookmarks Bar 2.0 will have a new Customization Panel that will make customizing every aspect of the Bar very easy. Now you will be able to:

  • Add favicons for Topics and Websites,
  • Customize search URLs so you can search with the website's own search engine - right from the Bar, and
  • Add a RSS feed for every website.

This is going to be HUGE!

If you want to play with it, drop us an email.

Here are some screen shots:

samfind's hosting and downtime

Over the last week we have had some considerable trouble with our web hosting. We have now moved from one hosting company to another one that has much better servers and gotten our own dedicated server. Hopefully this will be the end of our worries (and sleepless nights). Sorry for the inconvenience.


Washington Post has Picked Up PC World's Article and Run With It!

Just In: Samfind Beefs Up Firefox's Bookmarks

This article also refers to samfind as being in experimental because we got out the morning after the article was published. But, it is great press!

Download the PDF of the Washington Post article.

PC World's Erik Larkin has Given samfind Some Great Publicity

Erik Larkin has tested out samfind Bookmarks Bar - about a day before we were released from the Sandbox!

Samfind Add-on Beefs Up Firefox's Bookmarks

This is a great article for us because we see the need to make it more explicit what samfind does upon first download. The next release will the power for samfind Bookmarks Bar more clear at the outset.

Download the PDF of the PC World article.

Mozilla has let samfind Bookmarks Bar out of the Sandbox

samfind Bookmarks Bar is now greenlighted to be publicly distributed without having to log in to AMO

This makes downloading samfind Bookmarks Bar a snap:

This is a big day and a big leap forward for our technology!


Alan Henry of PC Magazine's AppScout Covers samfind Bookmarks Bar

Very exciting news - we have been covered by PC Magazine's very own Alan Henry!

It is a great description of our app!

Here is the article: Organize Firefox Favorites with Samfind Bookmarks Bar

Download the PDF of the AppScout article.

Thanks Alan!

The Firefox Bookmark Toolbar is Obsolete

The days of the Firefox Web Browser's Bookmarks Toolbar are numbered. Using your browser's vertical space to simply display half a dozen links is a waste of space.

For years Mozilla has touted productivity as one of the top reasons to use Firefox over Internet Explorer. Firefox has advanced the state of the art in web browsing by including tabbed browsing, integrating web search into the browser, and making the location bar "smart." At the same time, Firefox's Bookmarks Toolbar has languished as a series of link users can click to get to the few websites that fit.

Until now.

What was needed was greater flexibility in the use of that space. Sure, there should be access to the websites that are stored in the Bookmarks Toolbar, but there should also be access to the core websites of the web; and more importantly there should be the ability to search any and all of these websites quickly and easily. There should also be integration with RSS feeds, and interaction with the social and bookmarking websites that are fun and useful. What was needed was a rethinking of the Bookmarks Toolbar.

Today we announce the launch of the samfind Bookmarks Bar Firefox Add-On. We have rebuilt Firefox's Bookmarks Toolbar as an Add-On that puts Firefox's emphasis on productivity into the Bookmarks Toolbar and control over the Toolbar in the hands of the user.

"Our goal was to make the Bookmarks Toolbar obsolete by bringing some of the best parts of the web directly into the browser," says Sam Deskin.

We provide integration with existing bookmarks in the Bookmarks Toolbar to make the transition to samfind easy. We have also created an organizational framework that allows for the number of websites on the Bar to be multiplied without taking any more space. That way the core websites of the web can fit onto the Bar and so can social and bookmarking services, so you can Digg, Tweet, and Stumble right from your Bar. And because search is integral to the web, we have brought search to your Bookmarks.

Download the toolbar here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/9866

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